Saturday, February 20, 2016

Calvin Klein Fall 2016 Women's

Heavy breathing. That is how the show started; deep heavy breathing audio. Rightly so as the collection had the ability to take your breath away. Dark silhouettes that were crisp and sensual were accompanied by an intense monologue of two lovers as the show progressed. And then, the collection picked up pace. With the strum of an electric guitar, down came heavy lush wool incorporated into the garments giving an even more cool vibe to the modern day vampires strutting down the runway in their loafers. Ready of the kill and comfortable. Why not, with such lush fur like that, even I would want to wear it in this tropical climate.

Finally, cutout dresses with embedded accessories of polished agate stones from Franciso Costa's native Brazil made its debut. One, two, eight gorgeous agate stones on a dress which gave each dress its own individual character through its fiery, volcanic patterns. What also caught my eye were the dresses with photo prints of animals -which looked very much like the real thing. My personal favourite is the printed skunk dress with the positioned cutouts concealed with dark agate stones. Now that is what I call, being subtly in touch with nature.

For the full runway show, click here.

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