Saturday, June 20, 2015

Melbourne, I love you

After my 3-year stint in Melbourne, it's great to be back home in Malaysia. Nevertheless, Melbourne kissed my heart. The first few months back in Malaysia was difficult, just like everyone else who has had the privilege of living in the "world's most livable city", I couldn't help but compare the order, the etiquette, the culture, the food.

I got so used to everything being so convenient and orderly around there, I started dreading days here where I was stuck at home with no easy links to public transport, left with incomparable meals emulating Melbourne brunches, and a sudden loss of security.  I soon realized that I was suffering from Post Melbourne Syndrome. Dramatic? Yes. But anyone who has lived there would tell you, the struggle is real.

After a while however, I got over it. When opportunity presented itself for me to head back to Melbourne for a University Award Ceremony, I was on the fence. A week and a half later, I flew 6,364 km to my happy place.

One week. Mid-May. That, was the closure I needed.

Before flying back from Melbourne for good in December, (and being in a complete rut), my boyfriend said he'd "Make it as if Melbourne never existed." Well, the city still remains a part of me and forever will be. But I've put it behind, ready for new adventures in my home country.

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