Thursday, November 13, 2014

Grace Kelly

 [4] [5]

The 12th of November marks Grace Kelly's birthday and while she's no longer around, Grace Kelly remains one of the most iconic women not just in Hollywood but history. Grace Kelly will always be an icon I put up on a pedestal not simply because she became Princess of Monaco but because Grace Kelly really was the epitome of well, grace, beauty and class. Her slender body was always wrapped in beautiful dresses and full skirts that even though wrapped tightly to reveal her figure was still classy. Those skirts, j'adore! It is old Hollywood glamour that sparked my complete adoration for full skirts though they might not be as applicable in today's daily fashion compared to how it was in the past.

[1] It was this dress in which she shot a series of pictures that really enchanted me about Grace Kelly.

[2] Dresses that wrapped elegantly around her slender figure.

[3] This skirt from her Albert Hitchcock film Rear Window which I fell in love with as much as I adored Grace Kelly herself.

[4] [5] From the movie High Society (1956) and Grace Kelly behind the scenes of a film.

[6][7] [8] Beauty and Grace.

[9] The Princess of Monaco during her wedding.

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