Wednesday, June 4, 2014

H&M Duvet Covers

Besides the amazing interior of Australia's first H&M at GPO in Melbourne, another difference to the Malaysian H&M stores is the availability of H&M home. To be honest, I was pretty excited to view the H&M Home range.

Really though, the first thing I bought from H&M Australia are these comfy and stylish printed duvet covers! I love that it has different colours on each side, mint on one side and white on the reverse. Both of which goes well with my existing pink sheets. (I do love a whole lot of colour in my room)

Now I can comfortably enjoy my favourite things while I snuggle in these comfy sheets.

I heard H&M Home will be arriving on Malaysian shores in June! So I guess if I ever need to spruce up my room back home I wouldn't have to ship them back!

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abhinnav Aggarwal said...

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