Sunday, June 29, 2014

Mood Board: July

I have always loved yellow. And no matter how at different times I am obsessed with a other colours, yellow will always have a place in my heart. It really is just one of my favourite colours because it holds so many good memories that I always think of. Yellow is such a happy colour, don't you think? Besides, what other colour would be better than yellow to soak up the summer sun?

[1] I love this vintage portrait which really embodies the idea of yellow as a happy colour.

[2]Yellow flowers in varying shades that would fit perfectly in any living room.

[3] LOVE. Fittingly, yellow reminds me of someone I love very very much.

[4] Floor poofs!

[5] A lovely big floppy hat to shield you from the scorching sun, wherever you are.

[6] Yellow heels that would give any outfit the pop of colour it needs!

[7] This absolutely beautiful and artistic lady-like skirt.

[8] Caroline de Maigret in this bright yellow blazer on Jak and Jil. See what I mean that yellow just makes you happy?

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