Sunday, April 6, 2014

Loving Orchids


For the past few days I've been cooped up in my tiny apartment due to an agonizing health condition I'm going through at the moment. It's almost impossible for me to have peaceful sleep at night and for days my right eye was swollen making me almost unrecognizable (thank goodness that has subsided). Doctor prescribed me some medication and hoping that I'll heal by the next visit when the test results are out!

Being afraid to even Skype due to me being conscious about how I look, he still reassures me that I'm beautiful anyway and lifted my spirtis to stay positive, supporting me each day. Just yesterday, the florist dropped off these beautiful orchids he sent with a lovely note tucked in the envelope. Very thoughtful too, since orchids don't have pollen! Heh. Now they sit there lovingly by my window, putting a smile on my face.

Thank you baby, I love you forever and always.

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