Friday, April 4, 2014

Chuckle Park

This was lunch with Jamie at Chuckle Park Bar and Cafe in the first week of Uni over our usual long talks. I swear we never run out of things to talk about -total aunties in the making. With the sun shining right up in the sky and its rays of light piercing our skin, we made our way to Chuckle Park nestled in a tiny alleyway along Little Collins Street. Oh how I adored the setting, with jars in lights hanging across the space, faux grass beneath our feet and making use of a caravan/truck as its little kitchen. I'm pretty sure everyone else who walked past thought that was interesting too, I saw a handful of people whipping out their cameras, phones and walking slower than usual as they passed by that tiny alleyway.
We both had the Pulled Pork roll which I must say was pretty heavenly. Slow spicy pulled pork topped with cheese and walnut, fennel and apple cabbage slaw. Mmm.. that's a good mix of textures and flavours right there! Best thing is that is was reasonably priced as well, $10 for goodness in my tummy.

Chuckle Park Cafe and Bar
322, Little Collins Street, Melbourne.

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