Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Round and around we go

Two nights ago, I headed to the yearly Moomba Festival for it's 60th birthday! No matter how crazy it can get as swarms of people make their way through the sandy grounds of the festival, I still love it. There's nothing like this back home, and I really wish there was! What's better than the amazing sights, sounds, smells and everyone getting together! Kids and even adults of all ages trying their hand at the games, everyone with a plush toy in hand be it big or small (that becomes extremely cute when small kids win toys twice their size and they lug it all around, the whole night!).  I've been on a ride my first year at Moomba back in 2012 and trust me, I nearly got a heart attack. Truth be told, I can't handle roller coasters and heights. This year, I went on a tamer right, that crazy swing ride that spins at high speeds up in the air and I went on right when the annual fireworks display was on! Totally worth the initial "Why do I even..I'm getting sick already" feeling.

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