Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sweet Tea

Sweet Tea
Chinese New Year.. a time when you visit long lost relatives and indulge in New Year cookies. But of course, for many, it becomes a time when prying eyes of relatives and aunties assess how you've done over the year. "What're you doing now? Where and what are you studying? Boyfriend? Too skinny! Too fat! Your skin!" and the list of familiar questions go on.

I’ve never been bothered too much with questions as such, (thank goodness) – or maybe I just don’t mind them. Either way, I always try to dress a little bit daintier when meeting relatives. Nothing too short, nothing too revealing and my favourite, brighter colours (never black during the New Year). To me, dressing appropriately is a simple sign of respect especially when meeting the elderly, apart from simple manners of course. Besides that, if you really do fear prying questions, you cut down many of the preconceptions just by looking sweet and smiling (;

Always, always dress like a darling cup of tea - with two cubes of sugar during this festive season.

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