Saturday, February 1, 2014



Some say Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. For me though, Chinese New Year definitely takes the title. It is a time when the sound of firecrackers fills the morning and night air, houses are decked out in bright red, mandarin oranges becomes everyone's daily fruit and of course, the never ending containers of new year cookies and eager angpau recipients grinning at the sight of each read packet handed to them. Of course, it is when relatives get together (some who we only get the chance to see once a year) which is really what makes it such a joyous occasion!

This year as I welcome the year of the horse, I finally have the chance to wear a cheongsam. After 20 years of celebrating the Lunar New Year, I finally get to wear not just one, but two this year! It was all luck that the cheongsams fit perfectly and I loved the print on them. I always found cheongsams to be one of the mosts beautiful clothing with its oriental features and ladylike fitting. I opted for a more traditional design for the first day but can't wait to wear my next one tomorrow!

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