Saturday, September 21, 2013


Spring is already here, and yet the weather screams winter. My skin feels like its on the brink of turning into fish scales from the dry air. I'm usually not a person diligent with daily skincare routines. But in efforts to prevent my skin from tearing into what a scaly reptile might feel like, I'm definitely trying to keep to a routine (probably minimal to what other girls do) but still, a milestone for me.

Moisturizing is such a chore isn't it! But after taking time to actually moisturize, I guess it does make a difference. I've been using Sorbolene cream ever since a friend introduced it to me last year, which is perfect for sensitive skin like mine and doesn't have weird fragrance. Everytime I put on my eos lipbalm, I keep hearing Miley Cyrus go "Ladidadee" in my head. But..let's not go there.

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