Monday, July 29, 2013

Inspiration: Taylor Tomasi Hill

Artistic Director of Moda Operandi, Taylor Tomasi Hill is one of fashion's most prominent and a woman whose style I truly admire for the longest time! If I could raid anyone's closet, Taylor Tomasi Hill would be one at the top of my list. Previously a Style and Accessories Director at Marie Claire US., this crimson hair beauty has impeccable style that is both chic and effortless.

Often a popular face on street style photographer Tommy Ton's work, Taylor Tomasi Hill is one of my favourite fashion inspirations who always looks well put together. I love how chameleon-like she is! Even in the most boyish outfit that may make many of us look too manly, she manages to maintain this feminine aura. She's not afraid to experiment with various colours and patterns and to me she's a total Goddess when it comes to mixing and matching pieces (which of course, she pulls off effortlessly). Polka dot on polka dot? Jersey sweaters with tule? That's not a problem for Miss Taylor Tomasi Hill. It's also worth appreciating how her clothes are perfectly fitted to her dainty frame which contributes to her chic and polished look at all times. Also, her hair is always perfect! No wonder she keeps her go-to-salon as her best secret!

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