Saturday, May 4, 2013

Stone Freckles

Friends who know me, know I love my rings. Sometimes I feel almost empty without wearing any! I have quite a quirky collection rings from since I was fifteen. I believe that's when I started my obsession with rings. (Trust me, there are quite odd ones).

There are a few pieces that I wear regularly..which a few have suffered some damage. And then, there are those few where I keep for special occasions. There are a good few I've gotten from my travels which are quite fragile.

Anyway, let me introduce you to this new beauty I found at the market last year while doing my regular grocery shopping. Groceries and accessories? Probably the best of both worlds! Aha!

It's a beautiful stone ring with a powerful deep green colour and specks of red-orange which almost seem like it's own freckles. What's even more beautiful is that the intensity of the colour changes with the light. And then, you have it's uneven, polished surface. It's like a combination of imperfections that make it perfect.


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