Monday, May 20, 2013

Inspiration: Rumi Neely White on white

White on white has long been a combination I've been wanting to pull off. While I do have white pieces that could go along with each other, I shriek whenever I try them on. Why, you say?

Well, for one, I don't have the fair Asian skin some girls are lucky to have, neither do I have a nice olive tan..I'm really.. quite.. yellow. Figures why the kids in kindergarten used to colour chinese individuals in yellow! So unfortunately, as much as I love white on white, it tends to wash me out.

Anyway, poof enough on skin tones! White on white has been trending everywhere and right now, one of my favourite fashion bloggers, Rumi Neely of fashiontoast is pulling it off effortlessly.

These photos inspire me enough to try out white on white again, what say you? (I'll probably have to wait till it's warm again though!)

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Inna said...

Wow, so sunny pictures )