Friday, April 12, 2013

Silo by Joost

Had brunch with my lovely girls Candice and Emelyn at Silo by Joost on Hardware Street this morning. Good catch up session and a really healthy start to the day!

You enter this tiny space and I'm like, wow this space is really tiny.

And then I realize, the kitchen is in the same space as the seating area, so yeah it is pretty small. But an open kitchen right where you're having your meals? It's great. It's like entertainment while you eat. I love seeing how food is being prepared! And the way these guys do it is like an art. Also, it's so convenient that all the staff is right around you so if you ever need anything, they'll be right by your side (and they're really friendly too!). Really love how they utilize that space they've got there.

Have to be honest, I didn't know what a silo was and kept on pronouncing it as "seelo" until my sister told me. Fail. Anyway, the menu is really basic but they do have their daily specials which they write up on the board. I ordered myself a Silo breakfast from the menu which consists of dried tomatoes, soy beans, caremelised onions, coddled hen eggs, wild herbs and Silo toast (which they make themselves fresh and is full of grain that's good for you!). Basically, this place is the healthiest place I've ever been for brunch and it is pretty amazing. It's fresh, it's tasty and most importantly, it is so healthy. 

Also did a little searching on the internet about Joost. It's pretty cool so I suggest you check it out!

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