Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Great Ocean Road


Great Ocean Road. Finally, I can finally say I've seen the famous 12 Apostles along the Great Ocean Road before it further deteriorates and there'll be nothing left but pebbles of it. 

The day started early (7am early) as we chartered a tour bus for a day from the Melbourne CBD on Saturday glory and watched the sun rise from the window of our little bus. We would make stops along the way at about almost every hour to places with scenic views, to enjoy with a cup of tea. Two hours later, the view of the ocean engulfs you in all its wonder in deep blue and beautiful turquoise tones.

The sun shined brightly that morning and the ocean looked almost like a sea of diamonds, glistening beautifully. A beautiful rainbow even greeted us on our journey. But, who knew that the winding roads could be so well.. winding that two of the five of us were beyond nauseous. Haha, I feel horrible for laughing but you should've seen the look on their faces!

We did some koala spotting in the wild but as soon as we got to the Shipwreck Cove lighthouse, dark clouds ascended and it got extremely cold, extremely windy, and extremely wet. Like, total extreme conditions! Bear Grills extreme! 

As we reached Loch ard Gorge, the rain was too heavy. Drops of rain splashing across my camera lens, leaving me with blury images and alas, my iphone was my saviour for documenting the rest of my journey. We even cancelled our helicopter ride due to the horrible weather, a bit of a waste if we did. 

Thank goodness the weather cleared a little when we arrived at the 12 Apostles. So, there were somewhat better pictures, hooray! But right as we left the 12 Apostles, the sun decided to start creeping out from beneath the dark clouds. *Cue annoyed, unamused face*.
Giant koala.

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