Thursday, April 25, 2013

Food: Anything on a Ciabatta

Today, I walked far and wide (a little exaggeration maybe) up North to try a café that has been on my list for quite some time. Well, we didn't go there. 

It was open for Anzac day but unfortunately being the tiny café that it is, it was packed and took forever for us to get a table (which we didn't). Plus, customer service wasn't very good there. No attention to anyone waiting whatsoever. Pfft.

After waiting for more than a half hour, starving -- and still no table, my sister decided that these unfriendly people didn't deserve our money. So we walked further down to Beatrix, a little café I've visited last year when the trees started to green for summer, mentioned here. I love Beatrix. It's cosy and the owner and staff there are superb. (Ultra friendly unlike cafe number one).

This time I didn't indulge on the array of desserts there. Instead, I had Shak-in-a-roll, the one with the egg up there. "Spicy Israeli style braised peppers with a fried egg, fetta and fresh mint."They ran out of rolls right after our order, talk about good timing!

 Public holidays, bliss.

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