Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Louis Vuitton Fall 2013 Paris Fashion Show

The show starts with the creeping melancholic sounds of "River" by Alexandre Desplat. The runway lights gradually brighten to reveal a row of hotel doors. The runway stage, set in a dark and mysterious tone carpeted with shades of indigo and grey, blue and white wallpaper, in common with that of a grand hotel, a haunted one perhaps. And it was well fitted as later in the show models revealed looks of beautifully embroidered silk pajamas.
The first door opens.. Models walk out of random doors revealing Louis Vuitton luggages behind the doors. They wearing a very haunting look across their faces with their jet black wigs fashioned in messy pixie cuts. In my mind I could only picture the line of women walking down the runway as women who have just committed a crime, fabulous women of course. Leaving with a sense of romance in nothing but their long coats, in their sexy slips and extravagant bags in hand.

There was an array of texture in the clothing. Long dark velvet dresses, fury long coats, peacock hemlines, silk pajamas and embroidered slips. I loved the delicate embroidered feathers but my personal favourite would have to be the detailed sequins at the hemlines. It was as though they were dipped in glitter to give it a magical finish. Even the bags were fitted to the mood, pompous fur bags, reserved alligator skin clutched on the arms of models in sombre colours. The shoes however, were not too flashy, probably not to take away from the extravagance of the other elements of the look.

To end the show, supermodel Kate Moss walks out in a beautifully embroidered low-cut, floor-length sheer piece. All hail Marc Jacobs.

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