Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hot Spell

As you may (or may not) know, I'm finally back in Melbourne for the start of the uni semester. The first week of uni has already started and hopefully I'll get into the swing of things quick. Was feeling a little homesick as soon as I got home but thankfully I have readjusted a little. Summer was great, brimming with the company of people I love and admire and of course, the plethora of food I am already craving for.  Unfortunately, duty calls to fulfill the life of a university student. So, it's back to business and diving into my second year of uni and hopefully coming out of it..alive.

It's already the start of autumn, however, the weather in Melbourne seems to be reaching a high with temperatures soaring over 33 degrees for the past few days. Mind you, it has also been predicted to set a new record of the longest hot spell in Melbourne. Here I am, barely surviving with absolutely no air conditioning in my rented apartment. The sun doesn't set until about 7pm which means, longer hours of heat. And if you know the Australian sun, you'd know that it pierces through your skin like alien laser beams.

Desperately thinking about buying a tiny air conditioner which may be a bit too overpriced.

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