Saturday, February 23, 2013

Turn Around


So I had this grey Mango sweater which I bought a year back but could never stand wearing it the way it was because the V collar in the front was way too low which.. doesn't help with keeping me warm when the wind blows in my face. Tried wearing collared shirts underneath but the V cut was too low it made me look extremely sloppy.

A comfy sweater, but I couldn't stand having it so low in the front. So, I turned it around and wore it backwards instead! Seems way classier with a nice bib necklace or even with a brooch. (Plus, you get to show off a little back. )Sometimes, turning around your clothes could be an alternative way of wearing your clothes provided that it drapes well over your frame when it's backwards of course! A good thing this sweater fits well when it's worn backwards or it would be sitting in my cupboard and never seeing the light of day!

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jessica said...

The great style and excellent jewellery! :) *.* You have lovely hair <3