Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Think Pink

pink_effectedpink_effected 2
The first day of Chinese New Year's agenda consists of going from house to house, serving tea, entertaining kid relatives and of course who could forget for any joyous occasion..stuffing your face with food. Very odd, even when you know you've hit your limit of stuffing yourself, yet we still try to fit in just one more tiny cookie after another.

 Of course I needed something that wouldn't just be sweet looking for the relatives (especially my grandmother) to inspect but something comfortable and lightweight that would allow me to move around and of course that would allow me to enjoy large amounts of food. This bright pink dress from Mango did just that. Extremely lightweight with a little dip in the back, and it's colour speaks volumes of pretty.

A great plus,  because of it's brilliant bright colour, it didn't need much (or any for that matter) accessories that would probably hinder me from eating endlessly since accessories can be a bother sometimes. Hehe.

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