Monday, December 24, 2012

What the water gave me


These were taken when I decided to run around Melbourne alone and ended up at St Kilda beach, lying under the sun with a book in hand. A book that I read slowly throughout the year which really speaks truth. I love walking around alone on sunny days. A few friends have mentioned that they never want to go out and about alone and that they don't like it. Honestly, I love it (-besides the point that at times it might not be safe). It's just great, uninterrupted alone time and you see a lot of things very differently. You breathe a little deeper and you're more aware of your surroundings and absorb all the beautiful details. And you just keep so silent, it's peaceful walking around alone aimlessly. The thundering sound of waves crashing, the wind whispering in your ears, the glimmering sunlight on the surface of the foil-like water,  sea gulls fighting the wind and fine sand in between your toes. The beach, the ultimate calmer.

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