Thursday, December 27, 2012


So, I started interning recently at an amazing company and although commuting into the city is extremely tiring day after day, and I come home absolutely dead tired, I enjoy it. Despite having tonnes of work each day (which makes time pass by extremely fast and makes me extremely exhausted at the end of the day), the people I work with and get to meet every other day makes it so interesting and I've learnt so much already! Very hands on and a great opportunity to continue to enrich myself which, is always great. I finally (sorta) understand why working adults say they'd rather be in school studying. I think I'm getting used to this fast-paced life (I think). Though I have to admit, I'm having a slight problem with choosing what to wear that is both stylish and suitable for corporate!


Anonymous said...

you're so beautiful :)

Menos es más said...

He descubierto hoy tu blog, me gustan tus looks y tu estilo, quieres que nos sigamos????
Besitos :D

Patricia Do Nascimento said...

You're so cute! Love your pictures!!