Tuesday, December 4, 2012

People: Sarah Gadon

by Maton Perlaki in BULLETT
Just watched Sarah Gadon in Cosmopolis by David Cronenberg and also as the wife of Carl Jung in A Dangerous Method. Anyone who has studied about psychoanalysis would find that movie a little interesting I guess. Studying psychoanalysis however, isn't so much my cup of tea.

Anyway, Sarah Gadon is one of the most talented actresses out there who is also a stunning beauty. Her white, porcelain skin and clear sea blue eyes makes her look like an absolute doll! Her evident features in these pictures and her threadlike blonde hair allows her to resemble Grace Kelly, a classic movie star. However, this Canadian beauty is not simply a doll for the male gaze but also has the brains to match her beauty as she is also a part time student at the University of Toronto studying Cinema Studies.

Beauty and Brains!

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