Saturday, December 22, 2012

Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2013 Ad Campaign

The newly released Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2013 Ad Campaign images made me reminisce the amazing show at Paris Fashion week. The whole concept was inspired by artist Daniel Buren, celebrating Louis Vuitton's Damier pattern and tuffetage motif. Who could forget the ethereal show with models descending down the escalators gracefully in pairs onto a runway of checked columns.
Well of course, I didn't have the chance to watch the show live in the Louvre courtyard in Paris. I watched it over the internet but nevertheless the show was definitely a memorable one. To me, the models looked like they hailed from another world, another universe and the verse recited towards the end of the show, resonated within me. Kind of left me in awe honestly. The collection looked like something out of the sixties, but the whole concept just seems..unworldly. Demure clean cuts and refined looks. Marc Jacobs, you genius. As Daniel Buren explained "People were really going to see this close up - it's not like a gallery where you can have something a little more loose, it had to be well finished". And yes it was. Seeing the garments up close, especially the beautiful rows of sequins (apparently the smallest ever made) made me realize just how much attention to detail was put in and why Louis Vuitton is the amazing brand that it is.


Kate said...

I really liked the show, like you said it was really memorable, and it will be interesting to see with what the high-street will come up:)
xx Kate

The Style Department

Y además sombreros said...

Una colección muy alegre.