Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Royal Exhibition Building

One of the world's oldest exhibition buildings, the Royal Exhibition Building at Carlton Gardens in Melbourne is not only stunning in architecture but it also holds so much history.

According to the website, it's supposedly the "product of optimism, enthusiasm and energy of the people of Melbourne in the late 19th Century" and the first building in Australia to achieve a spot on the World Heritage list!

Surrounded by the stretches of green grass and flora of Carlton Gardens, it instantly became a suitable place for me to have a long walk or go for a jog when the weather is great.

I'm glad as I look out from my apartment each morning I can see the dome of the Royal Exhibition building with the Australian flag on top, waving in all its glory. It also happens to be where my end of term examinations are held so you can imagine while I admire this beautiful building, I also have an immense fear when I gaze at it. 

However, each time I step inside, its high ceilings and opulent interior engulfs me. Despite being a place which holds a bit of my fears, the Royal Exhibition Building is still pretty amazing to me.

Here I'm wearing a cut off mullet skirt in a somewhat rust, hematite colour along with a heartshaped locket, my faithful cardigan from Mango to shield me from the wind and my bucket bag.

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