Monday, November 26, 2012

Interest: Grace Coddington

Grace Coddington, Creative Director at American Vogue has recently fashioned her own memoir, Grace: A Memoir. A model in her past and possibly one of the most photographed faces in the sixties, Coddington is also one fashion's favourite faces even today.

With her wild, flaming mane, it's hard to miss her when she's photographed seated in the front row of runway shows. Ever since the 2009 documentary film "The September Issue"I was always intrigued by Coddington and her little quirkiness. It's somewhat hidden, but it's in there. I love her determination and bold attitude to stand for what she believes in with regards to fashion. Not to forget that sense of wittiness you get reading interviews about her and even on this issue of i-D as well!
Bottom line is I really need to get my hands on that book!


DTMakeUpGirl said...

Reaaly nice post and pics *_*
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Cynthia Brizuela said...

The most talented woman alive, I'm craving to read that book too