Friday, November 9, 2012

Giraffe Cafe

Always a beautiful wide smile!
At last, I have finally completed my first year of University at the University of Melbourne and I'm glad to say, I have survived! Three cheers!

Had a lovely catch up session with a Nariza who I haven't had a chance to meet up with in such a long time! 

We met at Giraffe Cafe, a little cafe on Little Lonsdale Street and as soon as I walked in to the place I could just sink in comfortably. Love the interior. It's a very girly, but cosy space, a very comfy home. A tree sits in the middle as a centre piece with little notes hanging on it surrounded by mismatched furniture, shelves of books, little memorabilia and soft music playing in the background. 

Despite the menu having limited choices and that dishes are pretty simple, the atmosphere and staff definitely make it a great place to hang for a simple meal. You probably could sit for long hours just reading, playing board games or do some catching up with friends.

302 Little Lonsdale St, 
Melbourne, 3000.

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