Monday, November 26, 2012

Beatrix Café, North Melbourne

Lovely vintage eggbeaters.
SHAGG: Coconut buttercake, coconut buttercream and moist coconut flakes. $8
Another place we dropped by besides the one here in North Melbourne was Beatrix. It doesn't have an obvious sign from the exterior that screams for your attention as it sits quietly on the corner of Abbortsford and Queensberry Street. 

A quiet area and a small space, but oh so lovely. Just a tiny neighbourhood space with delicious cakes, desserts and some simple savoury food with retro Indie music playing on the radio.

I loved the the vintage eggbeaters collection floating behind the counter. Apparently if you donate your old eggbeaters you get a free slice of cake! 

I tried a slice of the "Shagg" and the Lemon Tart. The Lemon Tart was a little too strong for me but I highly recommend the Shagg! It is sooo good! The kind you could crave, like how I'm craving it right now as I type this.

688 Queensberry Street,
North Melbourne.

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Charlotte Everaert said...

wow , that cake looks deeeeeeelicious. Now I'm hungry as hell !
Love your blog btw, so you've got a new follower:)
xo Charlotte