Thursday, October 18, 2012

My 19th birthday through instagram pictures


{pictures in order}

I felt extremely blessed on my birthday to start of my birthday with wishes from the people who I know care for me dearly. Was totally caught of guard when my sisters surprised me as soon as the clock strike twelve while on the phone with my boyfriend :) A hummingbird cake, carrot cupcake all adorned with sparkler candles kicked off my birthday with a little happy birthday banner and princess hat while Mom was on Skype. Followed by a ridiculous moment my sisters and I shared which will be kept to ourselves :) Best sisters everrr!

Waking up in the morning was even a more sneaky surprise by my sister helping my boyfriend surprise me with a cake he ordered from Brunettis :) He really knows how to put a smile on my face. Had my free subway sandwich (since it was my birthday) and went home to find a beautiful bouquet of red roses from my boyfriend, with help from Yenn, Hung and Shu Yee.

Had a small birthday dinner with a company of eight at Universal to which my lovely friends showered me with thoughtful gifts and their presence I am truly grateful for :) Yes, I did wear a pink, sparkly "Birthday Girl" hat throughout the dinner (when else can you do that besides your birthday?) and also made my friends wear them too while I was blowing out the candles off my birthday cupcakes from Cupcake Family! Hehe.

My first birthday abroad and I thought it was amazing. Love the people I have in my life whether they're here or not.

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