Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mt Dandenong

A continuation from this post here. After having a good two hours or so at the Tesselaar Tulip Festival, we headed up the long semi-windy roads up to Mount Dandenong. With slightly overcast weather and feeling a slight hunger in our tummies it was time for lunch! With no phone line and unfortunately unable to use the urbanspoon apps on our phones, we just drove around in circles up and down roads looking for a place we thought would be nice. Finally settled for Pie in the Sky, apparently a pretty famous pie house up there. Well, for me the pie was just pie, but the place was so cosy and warm, away from the cold breeze outside.
After asking one of the waitress at Pie in the Sky (don't you just love saying it) where the "Giant Chair" was and her doing a bit of googling on the computer, we got directions to head up to see Suet's long awaited..Giant's chair at the beautiful look out point. You could see the whole of Melbourne from up there with the city sticking out like a sore thumb. The whole landscape was filled with little gardens, pathways, flora and cute things, seems like a beautiful place to have a wedding really.

There's also forest pathways that you can adventure in to which of course, is for the brave (like us!) haha. Once again, going through muddy terrain but getting high on amazingly fresh air. We adventured into the woods rounding in circles up steep gradients and planning to go to another look out point taking the "road less taken" but alas, we came about a muddy obstacle which led us to stand there for a good five minutes before a light shined on to the pathway (literally) and an old man appeared walking down from the path the light shown. We exchanged a few words on whether we should head up there and he showed us a few pictures. In the end, we decided not to head further up as an advice from whom we now call the "God-sent man". I mean come on, suddenly sunlight creeps through the trees shining on the pathway and an old man comes along? Jyeahh.
A result of a stranger saying "do a funny pose" and not knowing what to do.
My little nymphs in the forest hahaha.

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