Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pink and Bricks

Currently going through somewhat of a pink phase. So I'll wear little hints of pink here and there. I've also done my nails in pink inspired by Prabal Gurung at NYFW which I'll post up soon somewhere! This was taken a while back during brunch. Here I'm wearing Topshop's pink lipstick, Tease. At first I felt hesitant to wear it out cause I thought it made me look a little extraterrestrial but I absolutely love it now! I love how a pink or red lip can really make you look dressed up even when you're dressed down. No, wearing pink doesn't mean you're an extreme girly girl. That's just a social construct of femininity. One should wear any colour they desire!
I love my colours and I would wear them every day every where if I could! (Or if I had a whole wardrobe of them). Well, one day I definitely see myself owning a wardrobe with a plethora of colours, dark and bright. Clothes, shoes, accessories. For now, I guess I have to be satisfied with my student budget outfits!


Anonymous said...

Hey Angelina!

Even though you are running on a student budget, I really love your style and outfit choices. It looks minimal but yet very put together - which is something I like. May I ask, where are your go to store and do you shop at any thrift store in Melbourne?

Love your blog and also tummy thrills!


Angelina Saw said...

Aww thanks Amira! (:

Well, in Melbourne I've been doing a lot of my shopping online from several websites like eBay. Besides that it's usually shops like dotti, Forever New, Rubi or JayJays that I tend to check out quite often. They're pretty reasonable especially when they're on sale! (: I haven't really found any thrift stores but there's a flea market in Camberwell which has pretty cool stuff. Hope that helped!