Friday, September 21, 2012

MSFW: Emerging Designers Exhibition

I loved this little work right here!
A little late I know, but anyway during Melbourne Spring Fashion Week we also headed to the MSFW Emerging Designer Series at 1000 £ Bend near Hardware Lane. I always thought that gallery was fascinating, with a cafe in the front and a large exhibition/market space behind. That's where I had my Roo burger seen here. This MSFW exhibition I thought was amazing because these were done by students studying fashion or arts. Well, they're mostly students from RMIT (ah why doesn't Melbourne University have this type of arts?). Anyway, it was really eye opening knowing that these are student-designer hopefuls chasing their dreams and this was a platform for them to be just that one step closer.
You first enter and see this extravagant piece made up of pieces of silicone. Must've been very heavy but I love the fish-scale look nonetheless. Can't imagine the pain-staking time taken to finish this piece.
Loved the little pink, white and gold flowers which looked like they're about to pop out from the mannequin's chest.
Bags made of sleeping bags! This, I found really cool. The neon colours and print of this Jurassic Park sleeping bag just makes it even more amazing.
There were also little interactive designs like this one by Holly Wolfe where you could touch and little sparkling "glass" would appear accompanied by the sound of chimes.

Suspending and colourful.

Little holes to peep through to look at different fabric textures resembling corals on the ocean floor.
One of my favourite dresses which looks and feels like cotton candy.

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