Thursday, November 13, 2014

Grace Kelly

 [4] [5]

The 12th of November marks Grace Kelly's birthday and while she's no longer around, Grace Kelly remains one of the most iconic women not just in Hollywood but history. Grace Kelly will always be an icon I put up on a pedestal not simply because she became Princess of Monaco but because Grace Kelly really was the epitome of well, grace, beauty and class. Her slender body was always wrapped in beautiful dresses and full skirts that even though wrapped tightly to reveal her figure was still classy. Those skirts, j'adore! It is old Hollywood glamour that sparked my complete adoration for full skirts though they might not be as applicable in today's daily fashion compared to how it was in the past.

[1] It was this dress in which she shot a series of pictures that really enchanted me about Grace Kelly.

[2] Dresses that wrapped elegantly around her slender figure.

[3] This skirt from her Albert Hitchcock film Rear Window which I fell in love with as much as I adored Grace Kelly herself.

[4] [5] From the movie High Society (1956) and Grace Kelly behind the scenes of a film.

[6][7] [8] Beauty and Grace.

[9] The Princess of Monaco during her wedding.

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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sneezed on the beat, and the beat got sicker

Bought this Beyonce snapback during her Mrs Carter World Tour in Melbourne last year and I have never loved a cap so much in my life. Everytime I put it on it makes me feel like dancing to partition and go YoncĂ© all day, everyday.  Still feels so surreal that we even saw her live. The best performer of our time if I do say so myself.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Short Skirts

Short Skirts
If there's one thing I do love wearing, they're skirts both short and long.  Midi skirts are my absolute favourite! (Especially bodycons, they do wonders for your figure). If you've seen me around Melbourne, you'd agree. However, here I've managed to pick out some beautiful short skirts off polyvore. What's there not to love about skirts? They give you an instant ladylike look and a good fluid skirt can even lift your mood as you twirl around town. And with short skirts your movement is never restricted (unlike said favourite midi bodycon skirts). Also, heavenly on a hot 30 degree day like today!

I've recently purchased a few flaunty, large midi skirts that I can't wait to try them on for more than ordinary days out. Now that I'm finally free from university and awaiting graduation, I'll be having a little bit more time on my hands!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

At the WhiteHouse

I love full skirts that make you feel like spinning in the garden and all around town. Reminds me of the skirts ladies used to prance elegantly around in during the 60s.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Colourful Start


and a healthy one at that too.

Lately I've been trying to practice a healthier lifestyle whether it's my consumption of food or being more active. I have to note that losing weight isn't my goal at all but more of being a healthier person not just physically but mentally too. I'd have to say controlling my diet to consume less fatty foods is a tough feat since I absolutely adore food so much, especially good food that has a spoon of "unhealthy" in every bite. Good food always triumphs healthy options in my books.

I try, of course. I've decided to frequent the gym more instead whenever I can and load up on more fruits and vegetables whenever possible. It's definitely much easier to be healthy here in Melbourne as opposed to in Malaysia but let's just hope I keep to my goals!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Michael Kors Spring 2015

This is what spring looks like. Fresh, clean and well, floral. That first tule skirt just demurely whispers "Oh pardon me, I sat in a field of Daffodils this morning and they seem to have followed me". Beautiful.

Midi skirts and crisp tops; this is exactly what every girl wants to wear in spring, to feel beautifully sun-kissed and dance among the flowers. And to do that, you'd need to be in comfortable footwear too which Kors has embraced in this collection as he sent his models down the runway in strappy sandals and short heels in comparison to his previous spring collection.

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