Saturday, January 24, 2015


Floral skater skirt. Check.
"Ah ma" wedge sandals. Check.
Ready to roll.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Richard Avedon

One afternoon in Melbourne, I decided to walk into the Ian Potter Museum to kill some time and why not, I love galleries and things of that sort. Upon my entry, I looked around to see some familiar portraits I've probably came across over several fashion magazines. A portrait of Elizabeth Taylor during her prime days, and each of the Beatles members. Other portraits of individuals I was not familiar with were so raw that they truly told a story through the beautiful lines and details across their faces. I must have started the exhibition at the wrong side of the room so I went across to the other room to read the photographer's description.

I was in delightfulness..I stumbled upon a Richard Avedon Exhibition. I've read about his work (and him) in Grace Coddington's memoir, Grace, and there I was, dumbfounded. I came across this photograph that scaled from ceiling to floor (as were many of the other iconic portraits) and fell in love with it. Titled, "Dovima with Elephants and Cirque D'Hiver" in Paris, photographed in 1955. I wanted so badly to take it home with me, including the white frame that housed it. I tried desperately to take pictures of it in its glory sneakily with the gallery guards around despite the "no photographs" sign. I shall not post those horrible quality pictures as to being a responsible art gallery go-er. That photograph is my favourite to date. It represents bits of things that I admire, really.

I never realized it, but have always loved Avedon's portraits. For every single portrait I have come across had evoked some sort of emotion in me. Not only for his work in fashion but in his reportage. There was a series of photographs of a Mental Institution by Avedon too that was displayed at the exhibition, presenting what is probably a painful but true depiction of what is seen at the East Louisiana Mental Asylum. It reminded me a lot of what I've seen in real life, and to me, revealed courage and strength.

At the end of the exhibition, I bought two postcards. Of Dovima and Marilyn Monroe. As I watched the lady at the counter gently slip them into a white envelop for me, I smiled. I now have a piece of Avedon's work with me. They still sit in that white envelop today as I slowly, but surely make some new arrangements to my room.

I find Truman Capote's description of Avedon in his essay, "On Richard Avedon" simple, but apt:

"Richard Avedon, is a man with gifted eyes."

To me, and I'm sure in the eyes of many others, he truly is.

For more Richard Avedon, click here to the Richard Avedon Foundation.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Street Blues

Somewhere close to A'beckett Street where blue spray paint dominates the walls.
Vandalism to few, but art to many. That discussion of course, remains open for debate.
Side note: don't you just love pointy shoes? They can instantly give a simple ol' outfit a more polished look even if they're just flats. 

Monday, January 5, 2015

Kikki.K 2015 Weekly Diary

 {Kikki.K 2015 Weekly Diary}

Five days in to the new year. How do I feel? Nervous. Yet excited for another new year. First of all, how did five days fly by so quickly?! This year will be full of exciting changes and a year for growing into a totally different phase of life. 2014 will be pretty hard to top but as a little note in my Kikki.K diary reminds me, 2015 Live It Love It. (Even my nails are partying with confetti in Sally Hansen to welcome the new year, as seen here). Loving my Kikki.K weekly diary which was a gift from my sister. As with everything new and pretty, I'm writing very carefully in the beautiful pages of this diary in hopes I don't ruin it! 

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Nature Creations

{Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens}

Upon my stroll along the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, while I deeply appreciated the abundance of flora on display at the gardens from succulents to micro flowers, there was only one thing on my mind. Each flower, leaf or even branch lends so many inspirations for opportunities of beautiful prints! Instantly I could see a crop top with matching shorts in the pattern of the brilliant succulent, or even a skirt in layers of fabric that resembled it's gorgeous fan of leaves, orange pencil pants in the colour of those bright lilies, and a skirt imitating the pink striped white lilies that look almost like water colour brushes. It is in everyday surroundings as such that remind me of how much I love fashion, and how inspiration can be drawn from nature's simple creations.

Friday, December 19, 2014

The Graduate

Three years at the University of Melbourne with stressful moments but even sweeter moments,
I'm finally a graduate.
Bachelor of Arts, Economics and Media & Communications.

Blessed to be in one of the top universities in the world with amazing architecture that keeps me in awe, great campus life (I mean hey, I took a selfie with an alpaca) but also surrounded by brilliant minds that I know, in their own way will make great changes in the world. Undoubtedly, the people I have met throughout these years have left an everlasting impact on my life. 

Graduation day was bittersweet.

I will never forget seeing the smiling faces filled with overwhelming joy surrounded by the people we love, but never will I too forget the heavy hearts as we part ways for the next big stage in our lives.

Here's to brighter futures, Class of 2014.